In today’s competitive environment companies are realising that the attitude and behaviour of the workforce plays a massive role in the success of the business. An unhappy workforce is an unproductive workforce, which decreases the profitability of the business. What is needed to remedy this situation is not purely skills training. Soft skills coaching, facilitation and training provides the necessary information and learned skills to address the underlying causes of these issues.

The Success Club is a monthly programme that addresses the various attitudes and behavioural skills needed to be a successful and contributing member in a team. Each month a different behavioural skill set will be learned with supporting information sent through to further support the learning of each person. The programme has been designed to facilitate change in a person. This is done by creating awareness of the current situation, providing education to facilitate making more informed choices to move in the desired direction in the future and trusting in one’s inner resources as an essential ingredient to change based on the learners newly acquired knowledge. The programme follows a logical sequence where skills are built one on top of the other to ensure a strong and sustainable foundation is established.

Every company has different requirements. The Success Club provides various delivery methods to accommodate the needs and budgets of everyone. These are the delivery options available:

• Monthly group training sessions which are presented at your offices by a professional trainer / coach. A maximum of 15 delegates per session is included in the monthly price. Should you wish to add additional delegates, we can discuss that further.
• A monthly live and pre-recorded public webinar that can be accessed at any time.

Please see the outline of the programme for the next 12 months below:


Session 1: What is my purpose?
During this session each person will explore their values and beliefs and create a vision for their future that is congruent with who they are.

Session 2: Set for success
The insight gained in session 1 will be used in the goal setting process. Each person will set personal and professional goals and then put a success plan together in order to achieve those goals. If professional goals are not personal, they will never be achieved.

Session 3: A vision for success
This session will address the various tools available from vision boards to mind maps to get people to design what they envision their future to be. Visualisation and imagery are very powerful components in transformation.

Session 4: The confidence factor
Are you born with confidence or can confidence be developed? This session will provide the delegates with the tools and behavioural skills necessary to develop their confidence and positive attitude.

Session 5: The Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind
Leading on from session 4, in this session the difference between the conscious and sub-conscious mind is explained. Can the sub-conscious mind steer a person in the right direction? Does the conscious or sub-conscious mind affect your attitude?

Session 6: Why do people drive me mad at work?
In this session we look at the 4 different basic behavioural styles based on the Everything DiSC behavioural profiling tool. The delegates will learn how to work with each behavioural style to get the best results from their colleagues and themselves. Even if you do not use the Everything DiSC profiling tool in your environment, your staff will recognise the general behavioural styles and be able to apply this knowledge in their everyday lives.

Session 7: Stress Management
This session will address the physical, mental and emotional side effects of stress and the long term damage that unmanaged stress causes. We will discuss strategies on how to manage and reduce stress in order to enjoy life more, be more healthy in the future and be more productive.

Session 8: Time Management
Managing time effectively is closely interlinked with managing stress better. This workshop focuses on planning and managing time to be more productive with the time that you have available.

Session 9: Managing setbacks and obstacles
Everyone experiences setbacks and obstacles. This session will address how to deal with these situations and how to manage them better for a positive outcome.

Session 10: Living a healthy & balanced lifestyle
This session will address the importance from a physical, mental and emotional aspect of creating balance in your life- body, mind and soul.

Session 11: Business etiquette
People form opinions of each other based on the way that they conduct themselves professionally. The topics discussed in this section are based on feedback from surveys from managers and executives about the things that they judge people on.

Session 12: Self-motivation
In an ever-changing and competitive environment, it is important to know how to self-motivate. Self-motivation is a vital aspect to success and fulfillment. In this session strategies are discussed to guide delegates and keep them on-track to living and achieving their personal greatness.

The Success Club has been created as a convenient, affordable way to consistently develop your staffs behavioural patterns and skills. Contact us today so that we can meet with you and discuss your requirements and explain how our programme can contribute towards your company’s success.

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