Business and Behavioural Workshops

In this fast-paced and competitive business world you may require an immediate intervention to motivate your workforce or implement a new strategy or change within the organisation. The Ology Group provide you with two options to address your specific requirements:

  • Standard Workshops – We will facilitate one of our existing, dynamic workshops either at your premises or off-site. All attendees receive workbooks to refer back to after the workshop. The workshops are in alignment with the content of the Ology Coaching Programmes and are topic specific and outcomes focused. The workshops are highly interactive thereby encouraging participation by all delegates. These workshops can be presented over three hours or a full day – depending on your requirement.
  • Bespoke Workshops – We will design and implement a workshop or series of workshops addressing your specific requirements. The workshops are dynamic and designed to be highly interactive to encourage participation by all of the delegates. These workshops are outcomes focused and aligned to your objectives. All delegates will receive customised workbooks to refer back to after the workshop.

As workshops are an immediate and short term intervention – we highly recommend one or two brief follow up sessions after the workshop. This will ensure that the delegates are held accountable to implementing the practical aspects of the workshop. By providing follow up sessions for your staff, momentum is maintained and your commitment to implementing the change is reinforced.

These are some of the workshops that The Ology Group facilitate:

  • Effective Time ManagementWorkshop outcome: How to make your time count
  • Why Do People Drive You Mad?Workshop outcome: Addresses the different behavioural profiles of people and how to get along with them
  • What Role Do I Play In The Company’s SuccessWorkshop outcome: Why every person has an important role to play in the overall success of the company and why it’s important to play your part
  • Putting Your Best Foot Forward – Workshop outcome: Motivational workshop highlighting the behavior and mindset required to make an impact on the world
  • The Customer-Centric Approach – Workshop outcome: How to focus on exceeding your customers’ expectations to put you ahead of your competition
  • Successful Goal SettingWorkshop outcome: The importance of goal setting and why you are more likely to achieve your goals if your personal and professional goals are in alignment with each other
  • Who Is In Control? – Workshop outcome: Shifting your mindset and behaviour from blaming to creating your desired outcome
  • Sales Success In A Competitive World – Workshop outcome: Addresses the behavior and mindset required to succeed in a highly competitive sales environment (includes the importance of forecasting and reporting)
  • Why Do I Do What I Do?Workshop outcome: Acknowledge your individual strengths and challenges and use them to your advantage ( includes delegates personal and professional SWOT analysis)
  • Building Business Winners – Workshop outcome: Focused on the Company Vision and Mission Statement. The workshop is focused on the company objectives, culture and goals and is designed to obtain buy-in from all staff to work together towards achieving a common goal

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